9am or 11am?

We will be moving back inside church doors soon, but to keep social distance we will be moving to 2 services. Please commit to one of the services (both will operate the same). 

Initially there will not be Children's Ministry, but when we start these ministries, they will only be offered at the 11am service. Families please consider coming to to this service. 

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this time. 


Please Join Us Sunday Morning @ 10:30 am!

We will be having church in our cars! This is safe social distancing while gathering together. 

A few requirements to attend:

1. Please stay in your vehicles (say "hello" through your windows)

2. There is no bathroom - please take care of that before you come (it's only a 1 hour service)

3. Bigger vehicles park in the back!

All are welcome! Kid activity bags will be handed out upon entering. 

An offering will be collected at the end of service on your way out!

Watch from a distance: Facebook Live